Exodus 20:12 ESV

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.

Children, Obey Your Parents
Now for tonight, were continuing our look at Ephesians chapters 5 and 6 and the implications of a Spirit-filled life. We started in chapter 5 verse 18, about four weeks ago or five, and we started t...
Eli and Passive Parenting
Parenting is never easy. Nobody in this fallen world has mastered it. And when it comes to raising children in the fear of the Lord, fathers shoulder the greatest biblical responsibilitybeing acc...
Without Excuse: Principles of God's Judgment
We see six principles of judgment in Romans 2:1-16. ... That put them in the category referred to in Hebrews 10:29: "Of how much sorer punishment ..... I heard about one particular tribe whose success was due to the fairness and wisdom of the ...
[PDF] Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood
Dying in the Middle
You may not be aware of the complete meltdown going on at BioLogos, but yesterdays post from Darrel Falk,  On Living in the Middle , undercuts that organizations claim to hold to historic Christi...
Beyond the Bounds.44627.i03.qxd
there is no clear evidence of synthesis, then the burden of proof is on the critic to establish a ...... what he did was simply to keep his brothers from focusing on their guilt for the moment. For ..... sists in Christ setting us free (see John 8:36; Rom. 6: 7) so that ...... ...
The Scars That Have Shaped Me
5. 3. Is God Really There? 9. 4. Burying a Son. 13. 5. My Failing Body. 19. 6. A Crumbled Marriage. 25 ... (Psalm 69:29). 18. Dependence. 91. 19. Why Doesn't God Heal Everyone? 97. 20. Wheelchairs and ...... bad dream. But as the days wore ...
Blog Category: Apologetics
In John 5, Jesus tells us that God the Father has given all judgment to the Son. ... based on Josh and Sean McDowell's book, Evidence That Demands a Verdict. ...... Peter, Apollos, Paul and Jesus all modeled or spoke about apologetics at some ...... Romans 8:1: There is ther...

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