Proverbs 11:14 ESV

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

How to Fail as a Leader: Four Lessons from King Saul
The Bible is full of leaders who obeyed Gods commands and those who didnt. Here are four leadership lessons from Israels first failed king.
[PDF] How To Pray For Our Leaders
[PDF] It is a great privilege, as well as our responsibility, to pray for ... - AWS
What is a leap of faith?
What is a leap of faith? Is believe in God a leap of faith? Is trust in Christ a leap of faith?
Discerning God's Leading
Questions to ask as you discern God's leading in your life.
10 Basic Marriage Truths Every Christian Spouse Should Know
A marriage that endures through the decades is the result of Gods grace through two people who are committed to one another. Here are 10 basic marriage truthsin no particular orderthat every married Christian should remember.
Discovering Your Call to Music Ministry
Music ministry is one of the most vital ministries in the local church and should be viewed as a sacred office. Discovering your call begins with a DESIRE to be used by God to impact the local church and the world around you.
[PDF] The Right Side up Leader - Church Leaders
InTouch Ministries > Read - A Fool's Errand - Charles Stanley
11:14). You won't rule any sizable territory for long if you don't surround yourself with smart counselors. Fortunately for the leaders of every age, ...

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