Genesis 1:27 ESV

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Homosexuality: Its Origin and Place in Creation - Focus on the Family
Exactly how do people become gay? If homosexuality is wrong, why does it exist as part of God's creation? What's your perspective on a child who expresses clear homosexual tendencies before he or she is even old enough to know what sex is all about? And while I'm on the subject, ...
Is it a sin to be gay? What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
Is it a sin to be gay or practice homosexuality? What does the Bible say about homosexuality and how should Christians respond to the issue?
These Bible verses directly address God's definition of marriage and homosexuality
After the United States Supreme Court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage recently, many people have begun searching for Bible verses that best answers concerns relating to gay marriage.
Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality
Well, tonight I want to talk to you on the subject of what God thinks of homosexuals. It is not a particularly enjoyable subject to discuss, nor would any sin be enjoyable to discuss, for that matter...
Gay Individual Feels Rejected by Christians - Focus on the Family
Why don't Christians care about homosexuals and their families? I came out as a lesbian about a year ago, and ever since that time my family won't have anything to do with me. Do you have any idea what it's like to go through that kind of rejection? Instead of helping people like...
Parent Concerned That Teen Might Be Homosexual - Focus on the Family
What should I do if I suspect my teenager might be gay? Our son has always been "different" from his peers, and for as long as his mother and I can remember he's shown no interest in engaging with members of his own sex - either younger or older. He definitely feels more comforta...
God's View of Homosexuality, Part 2
I would invite you to begin tonight to turn to Genesis chapter 1. I just want to touch lightly on a text there that you should have in mind and then well move to the 19th chapter of Genesis. Genes...
Play the Man You Are: Will Effeminacy Keep Anyone from Heaven?
If we are faithful to our Bibles, we must call men away from the sin of brutality. And we must also call men away from the sin of effeminacy.
Deciding Whether to Attend a Same-Sex Wedding - Focus on the Family
Should I attend the same-sex wedding of a family member? This is a dilemma I never dreamed I'd face, and I'm agonizing over the decision. I don't want to destroy a relationship or forfeit my opportunity to have a continuing positive influence in this person's life. At the same ti...

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