John 17:15 ESV

I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one.

The Shack, a short article |
The short article, The Shack, contains half-truths, humanist philosophy, and universalism.
10 Creation Vacations
We have an opportunity, everywhere we go, to learn more about God and to increase our discernment.
Did Jesus and Paul teach the same thing? |
Paul did not hijack Christianity. He taught the same thing Jesus taught in multiple areas of theology.
Lesson 71: Love, Humility, and Cleansing (John 13:1-11)
Expository study of John: Christs love, His humble service, and His cleansing your sins should be realities in your life.
The Shack |
The Shack, by Paul Young, is a feel good story full of misrepresentation of God with aberrant teachings about God, salvation, and forgiveness. It reduces God's majesty and exalts man and has become a movie.
B u i l d i n g a B i B l i c a l W o r l d v i e W vol . 4 n o. 2 a P r i lJ ...

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