Psalms 69:4-5 ESV

More in number than the hairs of my head are those who hate me without cause; mighty are those who would destroy me, those who attack me with lies. What I did not steal must I now restore?

O God, you know my folly; the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you.

Do I Not Hate Those Who Hate You, O Lord?
How are we to understand those psalms that express hatred and call down curses upon the enemies of God?
Should We Pray for God to Punish Our Enemies?
The American church faces opposition that could very well increase in the days to come. As we think of how to respond, we would do well to take up one of the resources God has given us for our joyful resilience.
Marriage Prayers for 30 Days VLOG 15 - Haters
Psalms 69:4-5 Romans 1:29-32 Jeremiah 29:11 Haters want to keep up mess within your marriage, some will sale their soul to engage in relations (adultery) wit...

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