Ephesians 4:31-32 ESV

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Unforgiveness and Hate
Hate is a total breakdown in the Christlike attitude we are called to exhibit.
What does the Bible say about bitterness?
What does the Bible say about bitterness? Why is it wrong to be bitter? What does bitterness usually result in?
Ephesians 4:31-32 What Mercy Looks Like Jude Series #26
Some people are very James-like in their understanding of scripture; the Word never takes root, only the surface becomes important. And like James they may...
Jesus loves us as Sanctifier / Cleanser (Ephesians 5:26-27)
This is a short clip from the sermon "Loved" that was preached by Pastor Brett Baggett at the worship gathering of Ekklesia Muskogee on Sunday, June 30th. To...

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