John 4:35 ESV

Do you not say, There are yet four months, then comes the harvest? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.

John 4:35 | Bible Exposition Commentary
6 Dec 2016 ... 35 Do you not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest'? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they ...
Vision for the Harvest: 2000 by 2000
When we give ourselves to the work of personal evangelism and world missions, God pours more life into our souls.
What is a spiritual harvest and how can I achieve one?
What is a spiritual harvest and how can I achieve one? What passages in the Bible talk about spiritual harvests?
John 4:36f | Bible Exposition Commentary
7 Dec 2016 ... John 4:35 ... Both the sower and the reaper are necessary for the harvest. Neither is ... Each worker in the harvest reaps what others sow.
Wonderful Times: On Not Getting Spooked and Forgetting What Were Here For | Australia
Whatever strange new realities we face today, they do not define our age. The Messiah has comeand he defines the time we live in.
The World is Ripe for Harvest
We are working strategically to reach multitudes of unbelievers with the Gospel message, while helping to strengthen churches and training believers to share their faith effectively.
Enjoy Jesuss Favorite Meal
Jesus often has harvests for us where we least expect them. Be careful not to assume that the real harvest is up the road and where you are is merely a rest stop or a frustrating, delaying detour.
Expanding the Biblical Basis for Harvesting
Confidence in the sovereign grace of God is the only thing that will sustain and propel his church until the work of missions is done.
Jesus gives us a picture of what the last days will look like. This last-days picture began at His ascension and it will end only when He comes againand we are getting very close to that point now!
The Over-Ripe Harvest, John 4:35-39
The Over-Ripe Harvest, John 4:35-39 Dr. George Ragsdale, Pastor West Marion Baptist Church, Morriston/Ocala, Florida Here in verse 35, Jesus said: Lift up...
A Vision for the Harvest | John 4:35-38
In our text, Jesus gives the disciples and His readers today a two-fold commission. 1. Jesus teaches us about the need to lift our eyes and look on the field...
The Fields are Ready for Harvest - John 4:34-38
John 4:35... The fields are ripe
The Harvest --- John 4:35-38 --- July 29, 2018
Pastor Bruce Anna Pine Grove Church Stanton, Michigan
John 4:35 - A Heart For The Harvest
Nancy Kaser Teaching in John 4:35 titled A Heart For The Harvest. Part One of the, Women's One Day Retreat here at Morningstar Christian Chapel in Whittier C...
John 4:35-36...Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest!
John 4:35-36...Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest! Video taped from on location in the slums of Tijuana, Mexico.
John 4:35 Ripe for Harvest.
Title: Ripe for Harvest Preacher: Rev Alasdair MacAulay Text: John 4: 35 Date Preached: 20/01/18

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