2 Timothy 2:15 ESV

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

The Clarity of Scripture, Part 1
The doctrine of the clarity (or perspicuity) of Scripture (that the central message of the Bible is clear and understandable, and that the Bible itself can be properly interpreted in a normal, litera...
Certainties That Drive Enduring Ministry, Part 1
Paul wrote to Timothy at the end of his life saying that he finished the race and kept the faith. He poured out his life in faithful ministry, and was faced with both great joys and great sorrows. How did he stand under the burdens of opposition, rejection, and disappointment?
Volume 2 More basic steps of the Christian life
____ To know God, it is enough just to pray and read the Bible. In order to know a person, ...... This passage calls for a daily commitment in order to know and please. God, and receive his ...... Read 2 Corinthians 5:9-10. Paul always tried to  ...
Remembering What Not to Forget
A Theological Statement from the TGC Canada Council | Canada
We think there is deep wisdom in using certain time-tested language that was the subject of much conversation in the dialogue between Paul and Bruxy.
[PDF] Leader's Guide - Answers in Genesis
Why Johnny Can't Preach - 2 Timothy 2:15 by Dr. T. David Gordon
Learning To Be Content (1st TImothy 6:7,8 and Philippians 4:10-13) James Flanders
http://www.jamesflanders.com/4/post/2013/11/israel-and-prophecy-part-3.html How long does it take to learn to be content? "For we brought nothing into this w...
01. Sabbath School Bible Study | Lesson 9 | Words of Truth
MelVee Productions teamed up with Purelight Missions (Simdumise Poswa and Loago Setswalo) to discuss the weekly Bible study lesson. In this video that discus...
Chuck Missler - Matthew Session 24 (1 of 5)
This is by Dr. Chuck Missler. He's my favorite Bible commentator. His materials are found at khouse.org.
The R.C. Sproul Memorial Service (Full HD)
"The most corrupt institution in the world is the Church and I think the reason for that is because it's the the most important institution in the world and ...

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