Jeremiah 1:5 ESV

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.

The Story of You
This is the story of your salvation. This story includes your conversion, but extends through time-twisting dimensions, immeasurable privileges, and lavish gifts beyond anything our brains can contain. Start Here Scriptures first words capture creations first moments: In the ...
Do Not Say, "I Am Only a Youth"
Youth is no excuse for not venturing something great for God.
When does a life in the womb become a human being?
When does a life in the womb become a human being? At what point does a fetus become a human being with a living soul?
Book of Jeremiah - Bible Survey
Can you summarize the Book of Jeremiah? Who wrote Jeremiah? What is the Book of Jeremiah all about?
The Sovereignty of God and Prayer
If God ordains all things, and his knowledge of all things is infallible, then what is the point of praying for anything to happen?
God Might Wreck Your Dreams
I love memes. At least as far as entertainment goes they are arguably the internets greatest achievement. Within about 2 seconds they can give you a chuckle or cause you
3 things millennials should know about God's will
Millennials are losing sight of their faith and consequently the purpose they have in Christ.
"God's Appointment" - Jeremiah 1:5
In todays life-styles it seems that one needs an appointment for just about everything we do. It is coming to the point that if one needs to go to dinner th...
299: God knew you before you were born | Jeremiah 1:5
Before you were a twinkle in your daddys eye or in your mamas belly, God knew you and had a plan for your life. You are not a mistake or an accident. You w...
508: To know and be known | Jeremiah 1:5
One of the deepest needs that every person shares is to know and be known. In todays One Verse, we learn that God knows you. He loves you. He has a plan f...
"God Has A Plan" (Jeremiah 29:11-13) by Joshua M. Wallnofer
Follow on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Listen the part 6 of the "Things Christians Take For Granted" messa...
One Verse :: Jeremiah 1:5 :: Week 8.1
Do you wonder about your worth to God? Do you wonder about your purpose in life? God had a plan for you before you were even born!
Jeremiah - Just a kid!
Unlike a lot of the prophets God called, Jeremiah was pretty young. It says in verse 7, he was just a boy! Can you imagine what it would be like to all a sud...
Gods Plan | SEEKING Gods Purpose for Your Life
I have been trying to figure out me, and what Im doing here on this earth. All I know is that God put me here for a reason, so imma do what he know I do bes...
Before You Were Born.
This may sound strange or even impossible to some but I remember when I was in my Mothers womb, God spoke to me and I knew that I was going to be born with s...

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