Romans 12:1 ESV

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Romans 12:1: How can I become holy and acceptable to God?
The Old Testament teachings describe atoning sacrifice as spotless, blameless and innocent. God calls us to be nothing less than that, so why is it so hard to become right with God?
A Call to Godly Living
We can better represent Christ in the world when we exchange our desires for His.
A Living Sacrifice
Which best characterizes your spiritual service - a small sacrifice or a total commitment? If you're like most believers. you want to have total commitment - but you're uncertain how to develop it...
Message: Living Day by Day (Romans 12:1-3)
I believe it ought to be against the law to read or quote the first two verses of Romans 12 without having read the last verses of Romans 11. They belong together. But unfortunately these two verses have been cut off from the ones in the preceding chapter. The two vers...
What does it mean to be a living sacrifice? |
Romans 12:1 calls on Christians to join their lives together in love and self-sacrifice as one people in worship of God and to His glory. This is what it means to be a living sacrifice. It is something we are together, not individually.
What does it mean to be transformed by the renewing of the mind?
What does it mean to be transformed by the renewing of the mind? Why do we need to have our minds transformed and renewed?
Romans 12:1b | Bible Exposition Commentary
2 Nov 2013 ... To this point God has done things for us, now we do things for Him. ... Christians today live in the mold of the non-Christian. ... Romans 12:1.
A LIVING SACRIFICE Romans 12:1 by Dr. Jack L ... - Clear Theology
Paul has shown us that all men are sinners, separated from God and under his wrath (Rom. 1-3), that salvation is by faith in Christ who made a perfect sacrifice ...
What does it mean to be a living sacrifice?
What does it mean to be a living sacrifice? How can I surrender control of my life to God?
God Wants A Living Sacrifice: Romans 12:1
Perhaps we need to get out of our comfort zone and remember what God has called us to. What does it mean to be a living sacrifice? What inspires such devotio...
Living Sacrifices Romans 12:1-13
D. Michael Lindsay, President - Gordon College Chapel - Wednesday November 02, 2016
Romans 12:1-2; Living Sacrifices to God
The Critical Elements of True Worship (Romans 12:1-2)
For details about this sermon and for related resources, click here: To receive John MacArthurs monthly l...
A Fulfilled Christian Life, Part 1 - Romans 12:1
In part one of a series out of Romans 12:1 titled, "A Fulfilled Christian Life," pastor JD talks about how living fulfilled and joyful lives comes by way of ...
Sermon on Romans 12:1 "Life Dedicated to Gospel" by Pastor Colin Smith Pastor Colin Smith preached this message at...
Romans 12:1-2, The Committed Christian
We continue in our verse by verse teaching through the book of Romans on Sunday mornings with Pastor Gino Geraci at Calvary South Denver in Littleton CO. Thi...
Romans Chapter 12: How To Live the Christian Life Succesfully
A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures with Pastor Jerry Vines. Uncover the meaning of Scripture and how to connect it to your life through exposition and p...

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