Exodus 34:7 ESV

Keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children's children, to the third and the fourth generation.

Understanding the "Generational Curse" of Exodus 34:7 - Focus on the Family
Worried that God holds you responsible for other's people's sins? Learn what the Bible means by "generational curse." We each answer for our own choices.
God of Love?
Is Jesus of the New Testament different from the God of the Old Testament? This study answers the claim that the God of the Old Testament is not a God of love.
The Yuck Stops Here!
Whether it's society or heredity that's brought you into a life filled with yuck (dysfunction, addiction, cold-heartedness, sexual immorality, depression, cynicism, etc.), it can stop with you through Jesus  don't pass it down and don't let it claim the rest of your life. 
God's Covenant Through Moses
What was freely given under Moses was purchased by Christ.
The Problem of Repentance and Relapse as a Unifying Theme in the Book of the Twelve - Themelios
1. Introduction For more than two decades, studies have devoted significant attention to the Book of the Twelve as an edited literary unity.1 James D. Nogalski writes, Long-standing traditions in ancient Jewish and Christian sources provide incontrovertible evidence that the twe...
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Second London Baptist Confession (1689) | CARM.org
The Baptist Confession of FaithWith Scripture ProofsAdopted by the Ministers and Messengers of the general assembly which met in London in 1689Chapter 1: Of the Holy Scriptures
The Joy of Knowing God

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