Deuteronomy 24:16 ESV

Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin.

How God Visits Sins on the Third and Fourth Generation
How do we understand God's punishing children for their parents' sins?
Can My Life Be Plagued by Generational Sins, Hexes, or Curses?
Are children somehow punished for their parents sins? Pastor John explains generational curses and if they still happen after the cross.
Does God "Visit the Sins of the Fathers on the Children"?
Great and lasting things are at stake for future generations not only because of what we teach, but also because of what we are.
Do the sons bear the sins of the fathers or not? |
Looking at the context of the passages helps us understand if sons bear the sins of the fathers or not. Federal Headship is represented in both the Old and New Testaments.
Religious Folklore Children are Held Accountable for the Sins of their Parents Blogs
... each must be put to death for his own sin (Deuteronomy 24:16 NET) ... To some degree, generational sin and generational blessing affect us ...
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Is Beyonc under a 'generational curse'?
'I pray that I am able to break the generational curses in my family and that my children will have less complicated lives.'
What the Bible Says About the Beginning of Life - Focus on the Family
The Bible is far from silent on the topic of the sanctity of human life, especially preborn life in the womb. This resource provides just a few of the Scripture verses that speak to the value of preborn life created in God's image from the moment of fertilization.
Child of Divorce, Do Not Fear Marriage
Children of divorce are not destined to repeat the sins of their parents. Gods power of holiness for sin and healing for wounds is stronger than any sin.
19. Promise Breakers and Promise Keepers (2 Samuel 21)
Introduction My wife Jeannette and I recently went on vacation, which included a week in the Northeast. We drove through Massachusetts, Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We loved the coast, with all of its bays and ...

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