1 Peter 5:7 ESV

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

Six Steps Out of Disappointment
When disappointment tells us things will never get better, hope reads us what God has promised us in Christ.
Five Ways to Relax in Gods Grace
How do you learn to R.E.L.A.X. in the liberating grace of God? RRealize nobodys perfect. Psalm 119:96 is a verse directed toward God, and it declares, Nothing is perfect except your words (TLB). What society & Continue reading Five Ways to Relax in Gods Grace
God Knows Everything, and Thats Good News
Ever gotten out of bed to make a midnight refrigerator raid, even though you were on a diet? Ive stood there before with the refrigerator door open, thinking, Just one bite . . . We & Continue reading God Knows Everything, and Thats Good News
[PDF] Sermon Notes
The Inexplicable Life: Humility, Hope, and Love in Suffering
Christians can show the world the hope they have within through joyful, humble willingness to suffer wrong and serve, rather than return evil for evil.
Dealing With Anxiety
But anxiety and frustration are not part of God's plan for our lives. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley uses Scripture to explain how anxiety may be ...
You Can Forgive Your Parents
Christian, your parents did not get in the way of Gods plans for you. They were Gods plan for you.
When You Cant Hear God, Keep Talking to Him
When it feels like youre sorrowful and barely rejoicing, lay aside the weight of getting it together. Bring all your pains and troubles to the God who loves to listen.
2009: Leave Your Baggage Behind
So often I carry around burdens that I do not need to bear. Whether its past hurts, past failures, regrets, or concerns and worries about the future, I continue to tote the same emotional baggage with me into each new day and each new year.

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