Proverbs 13:20 ESV

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Strong Friendships  Part 2
There are many types of friends that Scripture tells us to avoid. Who should we befriend? And how do we become a friend someone would like to have? With Jesus as your model and principles from Gods Word as your guide, you can develop deep, life-giving friendships. Build your fri...
[PDF] Sermon Notes
Wise Friend
Those who follow the path of Gods wisdom will have friends who are also on that same path.
Developing Friendships That Last - Focus on the Family
How do teen girls make meaningful friendships? It starts with learning about the characteristics of a true friend, what to look for in a friendship and how to work through common friendship problems.
Thinking Through Your Friendships
Friendships are a gift from God. And while they are His blessing to us, the most blessed friendship we can have is with our Lord. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley praises God for bringing friends into our lives and explains the importance of having relationships with others and with C...
6 Ways to Choose a Bad Friend
Some friendships dont last because we dont select the right kind of friends.
4 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Good Friends
Your childs success in life will either be helped or hindered by her friendships.
When a Friendship Gets Draining
You have that friend. Everyone does. Youre not always sure quite why you hang out with them. Maybe its inertia. Youre always apologizing for them to others and steeling yourself&
You Need an Older, Bolder Friend
Yes, we need I struggle too friends, but we also need a different kind.
Choose Your Friends Wisely | Proverbs 13:20 Bible Devotional | Christian Vlogger
Subscribe for a new Bible study / Bible devotional every Tuesday! Friends can either be a good influence, or a bad influence. So we need to choose our friend...

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