Mark 11:25 ESV

And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

Was Mark 11:26 removed from modern Bibles? |
If the verse was a mistake, it had to be a pretty early mistake. That said, there are several reasons to think that, while early, this verse was not originally part of Mark's gospel
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Bible verses and topic of forgiveness.
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A short collection of Bible verses about forgiveness, displaying Gods awesome power and will to forgive, and what this means for our lives.
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Forgiveness can be very hard to granteven Christians commonly wrestle with it. I am convinced that many, if not most, Christian counseling sessions are related to struggles with forgiveness. It is a...
How to Forgive Your Spouse When It's Not Easy - Focus on the Family
It's not always easy to forgive your spouse and work to rebuild trust. But because God has forgiven us, we can learn to forgive others.
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In our culture, we often hear about God's "unconditional love" for humanity, but the notion of God's unconditional love is frequently misunderstood. The Lord does love sinners unconditionally in that nothing in ourselves moves Him ...
Is Forgiveness Always Right and Required?
I wrote and posted the following a couple of years ago. Since a lot of readers werent around back then, I thought it might be worth re-posting. Id be interested in your feedback. < In the above post I mentioned the provocative commentaries by Dennis Prager and Greg Koukl arguing ...
The Blessings of Forgiveness, Part 2
I was having a conversation on the telephone last night with a very dear friend of mine from Florida. We were talking on the phone about a number of things and he said, What are you teaching on Sund...
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A Sunday School teacher was talking to her class about forgiveness. She asked her students
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Steve Cornell writes about the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation and how to move from forgiveness to reconciliation.

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