Matthew 6:33 ESV

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

First Things First
Jesus was pretty clear when He said to forsake all and follow Him; even if that means doing things were not comfortable with or sacrificing the dreams we want most.
How can Christians succeed in business and finance?
Being successful in business and finance is actually part of the Kingdom.
True prosperity not about gaining wealth but gaining more of Christ
While most of us only focus on gaining money and material possessions, Jesus has every intention to bless us with much more valuable treasures such as His peace, joy and presence just to name a few.
What Is Coveting?
Coveting is a condition of the heart--an inner condition which ultimately leads to an outer offense.
Finances By The Book - Chapter 4 - GAINING FINANCIAL FREEDOM -
Finances by the Book
What's Holding You Back?
Did you know that God says to us "do not be afraid" more than 300 times in His Word?
Min.A.D. Castille Sermon:"Where Are You Going With All that Baggage?"
This is a "new year" many have marked this as their "new season" and they expect "new" opportunities for life to be better than before. But we need to know t...

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