Acts 16:31 ESV

And they said, Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.

Joy Recovered
How do you become a Christian? How does the ransom Jesus paid become a ransom for me?
Based on Acts 16:31, can we ask God to save our household?
The Philippian jailer is one context. There you've got the head of the household who has come to faith in Christ. I was brought up in a family that never went to church. My ...
What does the Bible say about household salvation?
What does the Bible say about household salvation? If one or more people in a family are believers, does that guarantee the salvation of other members of the family?
Is Faith Meritorious?
Does a person earn salvation by believing in Jesus?
What Must I Believe to Be Saved?
Our sin, Gods holiness, and Jesuss cross are the core truths around which saving faith is formed.
Acts 16:31
Occasionally God calls one of His children to give his or her life as an act of sacrifice and ... He then quoted Acts 16:31 just before he drowned.
Trust Me or I Will Hurt You: Does God Scare Us into Saving Faith?
In the gospel, God does not say, Trust me or you will get in trouble. He says, Trust me because you are in trouble, and I can get you out.
What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Strict adherence to a list of do's and don'ts is not what Christian salvation is about. Romans 3:20 reads, "no one will be declared righteous in his [God's] sight by observing the law;"
How Do I Know Im Saved?
In Episode 139, Pastor John shows from the Bible how we can be sure we are saved.
Behold now is the day of salvation 2 Corinthians 6:2
The Gospel message! the Best News you could ever hear! "The Lord Jesus, He went to the cross, And He took the fire of God's Judgment, So we could be protecte...
They Know Not What They Do | Walking in the Spirit
Walking in the Spirit | Living a Lifestyle in Christ Support/Donations: Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for the...

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