Mark 16:15 ESV

And he said to them, Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Initiative Evangelism: What Does the Bible Say?
Kirk Cameron: The Gospel Truth
I talked to the Growing Pains star about teaming up with author Ray Comfort to equp Christians to evangelize through their multi-media biblically based program, The Way of the Master.
Is door-to-door evangelism an effective method?
Is door-to-door evangelism an effective method? What is the door-to-door method of evangelism?
Initiative Evangelism
Jesus commanded us to go and take the Gospel to all peoples. Read Mark 16:15 and. John 20:21. Just as the Father sent Jesus into the world to pursue people, ...
Why a Christian's character is very important in evangelism
Our words, no matter how perfectly chosen, will always be broken and disproved by even just a little hypocrisy revealed by a flawed character.
Study: The State of Evangelism in America (And Its Not Good)
Sadly, according to a new study, only 20% of American adults feel they have a personal responsibility to share their faith with others.
A Vision of the Harvest: Spiritual Life on
Far too many pastors spend all of their time and money just trying to hold the church together.
Sermon on Mark 16: 15 and the need for evangelism - 'The Great Commission' by Simon Peter Sutherland
Sermon on the need for evangelism - Mark 16: 15 - The Great Commission by Simon Peter Sutherland (B.Th, M.Th)
Bible Study - Mark 16:15-20 (Go and Tell)
Do you want to see miracles? Take the first step. Do you want to see a wave of global harvest? Go and Tell. Jesus said if we Go and Tell, miracles will begin...
Sermon - Mark 16:15 - The message we must share
If you are a Christ follower, you are called the share the Gospel, whether or not you are gifted as an evangelist!
Mark 16:15  Creating a Culture of Evangelism: The Definition of Evangelism
In this message, Pastor Kevin helps us develop a Biblical definition of Evangelism. The definition of evangelism that is walked through in the sermon is: Eva...

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