John 5:31 ESV

If I alone bear witness about myself, my testimony is not true.

He Must Increase, I Must Decrease
Only when we decrease and Christ increases will we have full joy.
Die to Yourself Without Losing Yourself
God gives us grounds for real boundaries in our relationships. Be ready to sacrifice, but also be ready to say, No.
John 8:58 and 10:30-33, "I am." |
John 8:58 shows that Jesus is God "Before Abraham was, I am" and is, therefore, a very important verse to Trinitarians. Exodus 3:14, "God said to Moses, I AM WHO I AM."
O, That Christ Would Be Formed in You!
We are freed from the burden of the law when we are given the power to fulfill it from within. And that happens when Christ is formed in us.
John 10:30-33, What made the Jews want to kill Jesus? |
What was it that Jesus had said or done that caused the Jews to say that He was claiming to be God? Was it "I and the Father are one"? If so, why would that cause the Jews to want to kill Jesus?
Go, Your Son Will Live
What do Jesus' miracles say about Jesus?
Blessed Are the Man-Boys
People love to make fun of man-boys, but are we subtly encouraging men to leave behind a critical piece of real, faith-filled masculinity?
10 Biblical Reasons Jesus Is God
When Christians ask people, Who do you say Jesus is? there are various answers about his identity. What does the New Testament tell us about who he is?
What Is Humility?
Is it arrogant to believe that treasuring Jesus is the only way to be saved?
Did Jesus actually say He is God? |
While Jesus never claimed used clumsy, simplistic words that would cast doubt on God's triune nature, Jesus did make it clear that He was the one true God in flesh.
John Folmar  The Desire for Power and Fame

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