Ecclesiastes 9:10 ESV

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going.

What does the Bible say about work ethic? What is a Christian work ethic?
What does the Bible say about work ethic? What is a Christian work ethic? What should be the Christian attitude regarding work?
24 Bible verses about laziness and how to fight against it
Bible verses about laziness. A collection of verses that shows how strongly the Bible is against laziness, and offers powerful weapons to overcome this sin!
7 Bible verses on how to serve God as you work
If you\'re having a hard time realising the value of your work and understanding how you can serve God as you serve your customers, the Bible can help you discover what attitude you should adopt in the workplace. These seven verses are just a sample of the biblical guidance on ho...
God Desires Your Heart, Not Your Degree
Education cannot serve two masters. Will you glorify God, or self, in your studies?
How can I find fulfillment in my work?
If we live for the weekends only, we thwart Gods desire to bless us in the task that occupies most of our adult livesworkwhether you are a stay-at-home mom or someone who heads out each morning to an office or a job.
Back to the Bible - Procrastination
Ecclesiastes 9:10. Are you familiar with Elisha Gray? .... Never again could he make just a halfhearted effort. How about you? What does giving mean to you?
How to Thrive in College
College should be a temporary season of academic preparation and personal growth to propel a lifetime of effective service to God and neighbor. It should be a launching pad into all that goes with responsible Christian adulthood. Yet for some&
How to Choose Your Next Job
My prayer is that these 12 questions will help saturate your mind with the centrality of Christ in all of life, especially in your work.
Is There Any Hope? (Ecclesiastes 9-10)
HCBC Sunday School -"Friends" Class Unit 2 -- Is It Worth the Effort? (Eccl. 1:1 - 12:14) Is There Any Hope? (Ecclesiastes 9 - 10) What's the secret for bein...

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