Philippians 3:19 ESV

Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.

Taste & See
God created an infinite diversity of food for us to explore in infinite combinations.
[PDF] Is it a Sin to be Overweight? - Focus on the Family
Is the Sin of Gluttony Really That Serious?
How can we identify this sin in our lives?
But What About Gluttony!?!
Throughout church history, theologians have understood the sin of gluttony in different ways.
I Live to Eat. Is Gluttony a Sin?
I struggle with overeating. I hate to admit that I don't eat to live; I live to eat. Is gluttony a sin?
The Struggle to Eat Right at Christmas Time
By Yonne Ortega Guest Writer Philippians 3:19: Their god is their stomach. With Christmas teas, Christmas cookie exchanges and Christmas parties, the overeater or compulsive eater can go throug
The Secret Assault
When so many of the writers of the Christian classics tell us to "be careful" with gluttony, we would be wise to pay heed.
4 Ways That Lead to Death
"One of the biggest spiritual dangers that Christians experience on this side of eternity is death masquerading as life."

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