Mark 7:19 ESV

Since it enters not his heart but his stomach, and is expelled? (Thus he declared all foods clean.)

What does the Bible say about what foods we should eat (kosher ...
Does God hate shrimp?
Isn't Veganism Closer to God's Original Design?
Bacon, ground beef, sausage  God allows us to eat meat. ... to love  including bacon, lobster, coconut shrimp, and Bluefin tuna sushi. ... own here, Mark, in his Gospel, said, Jesus declared all foods clean (see Mark 7:19).
Was Jesus a vegetarian? Should a Christian be a vegetarian (or ...
Making Sense of Scripture's 'Inconsistency'
... lots of Old Testament textsabout not eating raw meat or pork or shellfish, not ... You could only approach God in worship if you ate certain foods and ... When Christ appeared he declared all foods clean (Mark 7:19), and he ...
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Luke 5 -
Chapter 2: Fasting In The New Testament: Remembrance And ...
And the feeding of the hungry crowd, whether it is to be considered fasting per se or not, ...... This should also be read in conjunction with Mark 7:19. ..... derogatory) comparisons to people who engage in fasting to mullet fish.

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