Genesis 9:3 ESV

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

What Would Jesus Eat?
Is There a Biblical Basis for Being Vegetarian?
Was Jesus a vegetarian? Should a Christian be a vegetarian (or vegan)?
Was Jesus a vegetarian? Should Christians be vegetarians (or vegans)? What does the Bible say about the veganism vs. the eating of meat?
Twenty Reasons Why Genesis and Evolution Do Not Mix
Many people believe that they can add evolution to the Bible. They think that by doing this they can explain life coming about as a result of Gods use of evolutionary processes.
Kangatarians, Eating More Kangaroo, and Thanksgiving
At almost 50 million, the kangaroo population in Australia is over double that of the humans living there! So officials are urging peopleeat more kangaroo!
Did Death of Any Kind Exist Before the Fall?
Death, whether animal or human, physical or spiritual, is a consequence of mans disobedience toward his Creator and an intrusion into His very good creation.
Should Animals Have Equal Rights as Humans?
Its ironic that in PETAs evolutionary worldview humans are just animals, yet PETA does not petition against the animal cruelty of killing unborn children.
Death: A Curse and a Blessing
There is an easy to understand reason why death and suffering exist in a world created by a God of love. Evolution (death over millions of years) destroys the foundation of the message of the cross.
How Did Defense/Attack Structures Come About?
If there was no animal death before sin, why are many animals so well-equipped for killing? Bodie Hodge and Andy McIntosh explain.
ThanksgivingWhy Do We Eat Turkey (or Lamb or Ham)?
As you gather to give thanks around your Thanksgiving turkeyor lamb or honey-baked ham, as we do in my householddo you ever consider why you can eat turkey?
"What the Bible Says About Veganism: Christianity Perspective"
Milton Mills, MD and other speakers talk on what the bible says about animals and veganism in an open panel discussion. July 8th, 2017. I am posting this to ...
The Bible and Diet | Meat, Health & More
What does the Bible say about food and our health? Was Jesus a vegetarian? Should we eat meat? Stay tuned to hear my interpretation of the scriptures and ans...

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