Genesis 9:3 ESV

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

Thank God, We Have the Meats
Long before a nationwide fast-food chain began claiming, We have the meats, the people of God did.
Contradictions: Meat of the Matter
Was Abel eating meat soon after the curse when he wasnt supposed to be (Genesis 1:29) since he kept the flocks and sacrificed an animal in Genesis 4:24?
What Would Jesus Eat?
Is There a Biblical Basis for Being Vegetarian?
Was Jesus a vegetarian? Should a Christian be a vegetarian (or vegan)?
Was Jesus a vegetarian? Should Christians be vegetarians (or vegans)? What does the Bible say about the veganism vs. the eating of meat?
Bring Home the Bagels: PETA Urges People to Drop Anti-Animal Speech
Instead of saying, beat a dead horse, animal activist group PETA wants you to say, feed a fed horse. Why? To remove speciesism from daily conversation.
Why Dont Christians Follow All the Old Testament Laws?
Bodie Hodge, AiGU.S., explains this apparent contradiction, giving an overview of the two major theological schools of thought.
Are the commands of Acts 15:20 still applicable today? |
The rules laid out for Gentile believers in Acts 15:20 (and repeated elsewhere) are not requirements to gain or keep salvation, but they are universal moral truths which we ought to obey simply because they are right.
4. The Hope of Heaven: Paradise Lost (Ezekiel 28:11-17; Genesis 2-3)
Introduction Im in the process of reading Randy Alcorns fascinating book entitled Heaven.2 At the outset of the book, Alcorn notes how little emphasis the subject of heaven is given in well known books on systematic theology.3 The statistics I am citing here are Alcorns conclusio...
8. The Clean and Unclean-Part I (Leviticus 11)
Introduction61 Leviticus 11 is dealing with the subject of cleanness and uncleannessspecifically, with the subject of clean and unclean foods. The word clean has a lot of different meanings today depending upon the context in which it is used. For example, in the operating room, ...

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