1 Corinthians 8:8 ESV

Food will not commend us to God. We are no worse off if we do not eat, and no better off if we do.

Liberty, Knowledge and Sin
First Corinthians 8 is Pauls response to a gray-area question dividing the church at Corinth. Paul doesnt simply give the Corinthians a yes or no answer to their questions about eating meat sac...
How to Do Everything to the Glory of God
Do all to the glory of God means more than thanking God for the food we eat. It means doing whatever it takes to love our neighbors for Jesuss sake.
It's My Right, But Is it Right?
When someone would hint at taking away what I feel is my liberty, there is a side of me that wants to fight for my right, proving the correctness of my view.
What to Do in the Gray Areas
One of my joys as a pastor is to guide people through God's Word and explain its implications on their lives. It thrills me to help others by clarifying a point of doctrine, interpreting a difficult ...
Free to Eat, or Not
A funny thing happened to me recently. One of the sound-and-light people at the church where I pastor (a real character!) heard me teach on the subject of freedom. A couple of weeks later he pulled a gag on me.
Glorifying God in Gray Areas
If the issue you are wondering about is not specifically addressed in the Bible, then it's helpful to ask these questions from 1 Corinthians to help you in deciding what to do. Asking these questions...
Decision Making to the Glory of God
Did you know 90% of the choices you make as a Christian involve areas where Scripture says surprisingly little? What you wear, where you go, how you spend your free timeyou wont find many explicit ...
The Ease of Decision Making: Esteem
Its easy to forget that there are always people watching how we live. They might be your children, siblings, coworkers, friends, or neighborsit might even be total strangers who regularly see how y...
Is it wrong for a Christian to have a dream catcher?
Is it wrong for a Christian to have a dream catcher / dreamcatcher? What is the origin of dream catchers / dreamcatchers?

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