Genesis 9:3 ESV

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

Is Capital Punishment for Today?
The death penalty is a barbaric relic of the past, according to our enlightened age. Is capital punishment for today? . . . Genesis has the answer.
Seven Things We Should Know from Genesis 1:12:3
There are seven truths taught in the creation account in Genesis that should inform our understanding when it comes to evolution and the age of the earth.
Vegans, Vegetarians, and the Bible
When it comes to eating, those who follow Jesus are free to do what they believe is right. Just be careful not to judge others who think differently.
Contradictions: Meat of the Matter
Was Abel eating meat soon after the curse when he wasnt supposed to be (Genesis 1:29) since he kept the flocks and sacrificed an animal in Genesis 4:24?
Should a Bible Museum Serve Only "Eden Food"?
Construction on a new Bible museum in Washington, DC, has begun and will attempt to show the impact, history, and narrative of the Bible.
Didnt the Curse Prevent Overpopulation?
If sin and the Curse had never entered the creation, wouldnt the earth have become overpopulated?
Is There a Dominion Mandate?
The dominion mandate is not named nor defined in Scripture, and so offering a deeper definition, which everyone can agree on, is not possible. However, it is possible to locate where the idea is found
Creations Original Diet and the Changes at the Fall
One must, in humble obedience, simply believe God at His word. God, through His Word, clearly shows that the original, created creatures were to eat only plants.
What happened on each of the days of Creation?
What happened on each of the days of Creation? Are the days of Creation in Genesis chapter 1 to be understood literally?

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