Psalms 119:148 ESV

My eyes are awake before the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promise.

Dont Waste Your Mornings
Reaching over to check your phone will start your day on the wrong foot. What we need in our morning routine is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning
Whatever we focus on in the morning shapes our entire day. Here are six reasons not to check your phone before checking in with God.
Crying With My Whole Heart, Psalms 119:145-152
Dr. George Ragsdale, Pastor *West Marion Baptist Church * 6001 NW 135th Avenue * Morriston/Ocala, Fl 32668 * 352 245-8900 Crying With My Whole Heart Psalms...
The beauty of starting your day with the Lord is simply this: When He whispers in your ear in the morning - no matter how loud the world shouts as it always ...

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