Psalms 11:5 ESV

The LORD tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.

What Does the Bible Say About Domestic Abuse?
This is arguably the largest human rights violation of our time. Despite this prolific reality being mirrored in the church, we have largely remained silent on this life-altering experience so embedded in our homes and neighborhoods. You might be wondering, what does the Bible sa...
God Can Overcome Any Abuse
When those who experienced abuse growing up build a Christ-centered home, it beautifully crushes the work of Satan.
'Out Of Work'
Economic recession inevitably leads to an increase in unemployment. And the higher the percentage of people out of work, the more problems our social agencies have to deal with. Alcohol and drug ab&
What Does God Think of Murderers, Rapists and Paedophiles?
What Does God Think of Murderers, Rapists and Paedophiles? Many world leaders and other important people have only been able to describe the Nazis as evil. Adolf Hitlers rule caused terrible suf&
What does the Bible say about abuse?
What does the Bible say about abuse? Is it possible to define abuse biblically? What is truly considered abuse?
Complementarians Should Be Toughest on Abuse
Using complementarian theology to justify abuse is like defacing a Do Not Enter sign until it says, Enter.

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