Luke 18:27 ESV

But he said, What is impossible with man is possible with God.

Vision Without Boundaries
There may be hindrances to our sharing the gospel with others, but we must overcome obstacles.
A Prayer When Being Needed, but Feeling Empty
But he [Jesus] said, What is impossible with men is possible with God. Luke 18:27      Dear Lord Jesus, thanks for the freedom to acknowledge when life feels like lifes demands are a little too much. Its so good to remember today that the gospel calls us to hope, not to hype; to believe, not to make believe; to pray, not to pretend.      Sarah laughed at the thought of having a baby in her nineties. Mary was shocked at the thought of giving birth to you, as a virgin. Though overwhelmed, Mary believed; and I want her cry to be mine:...
The Book of Luke 18: 18-27
Luke 18:18-27 "The Rich Young Ruler" Pastor Juan Rodriguez 01/24/2016

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