Proverbs 10:4 ESV

A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

3 things that distinguish the diligent from the lazy
Laziness will always lead to poverty, most especially financially. Many lazy people don't wonder why they're poor, and don't even work to improve their own situations. Apparently, they'd rather sleep when they should be working, and rest when it's time to plow the ground.
What Good Are Proverbs?
The use and misuse of biblical wisdom
The Hand Of The Diligent (Proverbs 10:4)
Sermon preached at Grace Protestant Reformed Church by Rev. Ronald Van Overloop on November 20, 2011. References: Proverbs 10:4:
Diligence Brings Wealth (Proverbs 10:4) #FaithFocusFlow #31
Listen in as TC Cooper, Donna MIller and special guest Jason Hodges disucess the power of Joshua 1:5-9 in this episode 29 of the #FaithFocusFlow Show for Chr...

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