Romans 14:1 ESV

As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.

Romans 14:1-12, Don't pass judgment |
Disagreements are okay; condemnation is not. Non-disputable matters are deity of Christ, Trinity, resurrection, salvation by grace.
Message: On Trying to Change Others (Romans 14:1-12)
We are back in the fourteenth chapter of Romans this morning, and we are going to be discussing the favorite indoor sport of Christians, that is, trying to change each other. As this passage indicates, this has been a major problem in the church for centuries. All through the history of the church, the problem arises from the attitude that most of us share,...
The Romans 14:5 Sabbath Debate
Over and over I get challenged about the Sabbath with Romans 14:5. This must be the most cherry picked quote mined verse used out of context on all of bible ...
Romans Part V: The Practice // Romans 14:1-12
In Jesus believers have received an inheritance which includes an immense amount of freedom. Freedom mishandled, however, can be used at times to mask self-c...

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