Galatians 6:1 ESV

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

How can I overcome having a critical spirit?
How can I overcome having a critical spirit? How can I stop being so critical of other people?
Kind Criticism
Dave and his wife Sue were asked about the delicate art of constructive criticism. Sue said, I think Christs example in John 1:14 is helpful. That verse describes Jesus as being ̵&
What does the Bible say about criticism?
What does the Bible say about criticism? In what ways can criticism be good and helpful?
How Do You Humbly Receive Harsh Feedback?
Pastor John advises how to remain humble under criticism.
When is it necessary to rebuke another believer?
When is it necessary to rebuke another believer? When is it proper for one Christian rebuke another Christian?
Stop Criticizing
This morning I want to encourage you, if you will with me, to turn in your Bible to Matthew chapter 7. Matthew 7, beginning at verse 1. Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye ju...
Discerning Loving Criticism and Unloving Criticism
In episode 266, Pastor John explains James 4.
Whatever Happened to the Holy Spirit?
People who tell others to solve their problems by getting in touch with ... to think, ability to analyze, and competence for evaluation are all producers of deceit.
[PDF]New life in Christ
11. Romans 16:16. 12. Galatians 5:13 ...... 26. GREETING ONE ANOTHER. 1. There is a good habit described in Romans 16:16. What is it? The holy kiss was a ...
Part 1: The Curse of A Critical Fault-Finding Spirit
What Is the Curse and Consequence of a Critical Spirit? Criticism is an act of criticizing; to judge as a critic; to find fault; to blame or condemn. Roman...
Dr. David deSilva, Cultural World of the New Testament, Lecture 6, 1 Peter and Kinship
Biblical eLearning ( presents: David A. deSilva (Ph.D., Emory University) is Trustees' Distinguished Professor of New Testament ...
383: Les Feldick Bible Study - Lesson 3 - Part 3 - Book 32 - Galatians 1:15 - 2:9 Through the Bible with Les Feldick LESSON 3 * PART 3 * BOOK 32 GALATIANS 1:15 - 2:9 Now we're in Galatians Chapter 2, and he...
Mark 6:30-34,53-56 Commentary by Dr. Tom Boomershine
A performance criticism commentary of Mark 6:30-34,53-56 produced by GoTell Communication., artwork by Cortney L. Haley http://www.lott...
Exodus 16 Lesson by Dr. Bob Utley
Exodus 16 Lesson by Dr. Bob Utley, retired professor of hermeneutices (Bible interpretation). Recorded at the Bible Lessons International studio.

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