Matthew 6:11 ESV

Give us this day our daily bread,

The Provision of Prayer, Part 1
Turn in your Bible to Matthew chapter 6. Were continuing now after a break through the holiday seasons, and the last couple of Sundays, were continuing in our study of The Disciples Prayer in Mat...
Praying When in Need
Prayer for wisdom and God's will is our first line of defense in difficult times.
Better Than Busy
Our futile attempts to sustain ourselves by our own efforts is nothing new. But to this age-old vanity, God offers an even older response of rest.
A Cure for Lame Table Prayers
I find it easy to slip into vague gratefulness, and vague gratefulness is as hollow as a light bulb. Mostly I notice this at the dinner table with my family. The vague verbiage I speak over our food is a&
Taste & See
God created an infinite diversity of food for us to explore in infinite combinations.
Sunday Service April 17, 2016 9am

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