James 2:10 ESV

For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it.

Are All Sins Equal Before God?
John Piper says consequences matter when it comes to weighing sin.
Three Ways Our Deeds Relate to Our Salvation
God justifies us in Christ alone through faith alone, apart from works of the law. But thats not all the Bible has to say about our works.
Acts 19 part 2: Paul's Time In Ephesus
Pastor Eric preaches out of Acts chapter 19. We learn from these verses that in order to walk in the calling on your life you must be in total surrender to J...
A Study Through The Book of Romans! (6) - Alex Kurz
Please visit: http://graceimpact.org/ TO LEARN HOW TO BE SAVED click on "Show more" below. Your Bible teacher for this video is Pastor Alex Kurz, a teacher w...

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