Genesis 2:18 ESV

Then the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.

What does it mean that a wife is supposed to be a helpmeet / help meet?
What does it mean that a wife is supposed to be a helpmeet / help meet? What does Genesis 2:18 mean in regards to a wifes relationship with her husband?
How was the woman a helper suitable for the man (Genesis 2:18)?
How was the woman a helper suitable for the man (Genesis 2:18)? What does it mean that woman was made to be a helper for man?
Message: The Making of Woman (Genesis 2:18-25)
In a series on Understanding Man it would be folly to omit a study on understanding women. Yet as a man who lives with a wife, four daughters, and a mother-in-law, I understandably approach this subject with considerable timidity. In our home I am even grateful for a mailbox out ...
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The family is under attack today like never before. The Bible provides solid answers and Gods design for family, parenting, and marriage.
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The Creation of Woman
Lets open our Bibles to Genesis chapter 2, Genesis chapter 2. And we are looking at verses 4 to 25 in this wonderfully informative chapter on the original history of man. Chapter 1, the origin
Genesis 2:4-5, Sermon Two
Article from RPM Volume 7, Number 48
Staying Married Is Not About Staying in Love
Marriage is about keeping a covenant just like Jesus does with his bride, the church.
"The First Purpose in Marriage - Companionship" - Pastor Eric Winslow
Sermon preached on Sunday morning, October 9, 2016 from Genesis 2:18-25
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