Matthew 11:28 ESV

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Come, All Who Are Weary
Our burdens are not simple and are not relieved by simplistic platitudes. But Christs simple promise can relieve our complex burdens.
Weary Mom, Come to Me
Jesus lovingly calls us to come with all our cares, all our fears, and all our burdens.
Fight Sin, Find Rest
The fight, the striving, the narrow, the hard, the work, the warfare is not a striving to get Christ. It is a striving precisely to rest.
Lay Aside the Weight of Insecurity
Bring all your insecurities to Christ and, in exchange, take his light burden of grace.
Take My Yoke
When we face hardships, the Lord wants to carry our burden. As we spend time together that way, He molds us to be more like His Son.
Message: Christians Unabridged (Mat 11:28-30)
The title, I am sure, requires a bit of explaining. All of us have seen an unabridged dictionary, one of those heavy books, almost a foot thick, containing every word in the English language. It is a very interesting book to read. It has only one drawback -- it changes the subjec...
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5 Dec 2018 ... Here is the Son of God, Jesus, God in the flesh saying to you, come to Me. ... We find ourselves in praying based on Matthew 11:28 through 30.
Sermon: "Jesus will Give You Rest" from Matthew 11:28-29 "Come to Me All Who are Weary and Burdened" Pastor Colin Smith preached this s...

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