Daniel 4:7 ESV

Then the magicians, the enchanters, the Chaldeans, and the astrologers came in, and I told them the dream, but they could not make known to me its interpretation.

Demons and Magic
The subject upon which we will be speaking tonight is one that perhaps has captured the attention of many of us in our particular modern day because it exists, in a certain sense, as a kind of a para...
Exposition of the Law of God: Introduction - Third Millennium Ministries
Book of the Covenant (Exodus 21-24), case law, and application ...... (Philippians 4:8). ..... eye shall see him and that, in a particular way, the pure in heart.
Prophets | Free Online Biblical Library
BiblicalTraining.org | PROPHETS. Three Hebrew words are used in the OT to designate the prophets, namely nvī, rMeh and hMzeh. The last two words are participles and may be rendered seer. They are practically synonymous in meaning. The first term, nvī, is difficult to expla...
text - Third Millennium Ministries
7. For as to the four elements of which the nature of bodies is composed, heat, ...... but at those of the most wise Daniel, who marks both the actual date, and the ...... (5) On the clairvoyance of Antony, and one or two kindred matters which offer  ...
Protecting Our Kids from Spiritual Forces of Evil < Spiritual Life
While this is not the right decision for all Christian families, I would encourage believers to consider a biblically viable alternative to simply forbidding these stories.

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