Proverbs 27:17 ESV

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Do You Want the Friends You Need?
Meet Earnest: He speaks with urgency and sincerity. He says the things others wont. You may not want this friend, but hes exactly the one you need.
What is true friendship according to the Bible?
What is true friendship according to the Bible? How can I identify who are truly my friends?
Friends and Proverbs
Companions dont always make good friends. David noticed the difference in Proverbs and in his life.
3 tips to make new friends inside and outside the church
Having good and reliable friends  as well as being a good and reliable friend yourself  is absolutely amazing.
Developing Friendships That Last
How do teen girls make meaningful friendships? It starts with learning about the characteristics of a true friend, what to look for in a friendship and how to work through common friendship problems.
With a Little Help from My Friends
Colossians chapter 4, verses 7 through 18, this is the part of the epistle to the Colossians that nobody bothers to read. They read, basically, through verse 6, and then its all sort of personal dat...
Three Cheers for Graduates!
Chuck Swindoll gives his
Reformed Bible Studies & Devotionals about Fellowship | Learn ...
[PDF] Building Community in a Small Group Study

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