Proverbs 17:17 ESV

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

The Best Friends Are Born for Adversity
No one is okay on their own. We all need blood-bought brothers and sisters born for adversity, friends ready to take on every trial and hardship with us.
Men Under Fire: Why We Need Male Friends
The enemy laughs when men charge into battle alone. But the earth quakes and demons flee when Spirit-filled men storm the gates of hell together.
If Friendship is Magic, Brotherhood is LEGENDARY!!! Follow the Leader: Proverbs 17:17,18:19,24TMS
Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity. 18:19 A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city, And content...
Brotherhood - Sermon by Chuck Baldwin on Mar. 11, 2012
This message was preached by Chuck Baldwin on Sunday, March 11, 2012 during the service at Liberty Fellowship. To purchase a copy of this sermon or to suppor...

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