Job 33:4 ESV

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

The Breath of Life: Should Christians Agree to Ventilator Support?
God has given amazing medical gifts to mankind. But how far should we allow doctors to go to save our lives or the lives of our loved ones?
Does human life begin at our first breath? |
Genesis 2:7 describes the beginning of the first human life in Adam, not the way all subsequent human lives begin. The Bible teaches that our lives began in the womb.
Being Spirit-Led
Use this 7-day campaign to explore what it means to be Spirit-led in todays world.
37:6, 14; Job 33:4; 1 Kings 17:22). Revival, or life, was breathing in the breath of God. As used here the word underscores that the source of this life is in God.
Does Ecclesiastes 12:7 prove that we pre-existed in heaven? |
Ecclesiastes does not teach pre-existence. Instead, it echoes the teachings found in Genesis, Job, and elsewhere that our life is given to us by the very breath of God, and if He takes it back, we die.
Life After Life
"The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life." -Job 33 :4. Yet, if mere physical life were all we possessed, we could rightly ignore any ...
A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture
In this day when social issues are creating clear dividing lines in society, moral or political neutrality is no longer an option for those who believe the gospel.
Was there more than one incarnation?
God walked in the Garden (Gen 3:8). Did Jesus, the eternal Son of God, become incarnate in the Garden prior to being born in Bethlehem? God seems to appear in human form many times in the Old Testament. Was there more than one incarnation?
Scriptures Advocating for the Pre-born
Speak up for the pre-born with these Biblical scriptures.

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