John 14:15 ESV

If you love me, you will keep my commandments.

10 Things You Should Know About the Ten Commandments
The commandments arent instructions on how to get out of Egypt. They are rules for a free people to stay free.
What the Devil Doesnt Want You to Know
The devil wants you to hear drudgery and boredom and bondage in Gods commands. God wants you to hear love and life and joy.
Testament: 10 Commandments - Love the Lord your God: John Wilcox
Nov 19th 2017. Testament. Ten Commandments: Love God. Matthew 22:36-40, Exodus 20:1-11.Jesus knew and loved the Old Testament. Its books were his scriptures....
The Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments
The Lord's Prayer, as what it is often referred in Matthew 6:9-13, reiterates the ten commandments and the plan of God for mankind. Presented by Mr. Tim Mart...

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