Acts 28:31 ESV

Proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.

Lord, Make Me More Bold
Whatever it takes, Lord, decrease the hold that unbelieving fear has over me and increase my boldness to declare the gospel to everyone you put in my path.
The Boldness of Knowing Jesus
The people of Jesus should know Jesus. That is the inescapable impression we get from reading the Book of Acts. We see it in the churchs boldness  that is, the churchs outspoken clarity about the identity and significance of&
Be Bold for God - Daily Devotion
As I sat in this room that had been kidnapped by technology I felt an overwhelming sadness. What has happened to good old fashioned communication?
Be bold: 2 ways to fearlessly act as an ambassador for Christ
Our words and our actions are the two main vehicles for our boldness. Here we look a little more closely at how we can use them as we act as ambassadors for Christ.
Praying for the Salvation of the Lost
The following is an excerpt from The MacArthur New Testament Commentary on 1 John 5. This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hea...
What can we learn from the life of Paul? Who was Paul?
What can we learn from the life of Paul? Who was Paul? How is understanding the life of Paul valuable to our spiritual growth?
What Would We Do Without the Gospel?
Have you ever stopped to look at just one word in Gods word? Maybe you look it up in a concordance or do a search online. You might search for hope or peace or God or life. But what if&
Rethinking 'Missional': Reconciling the Mission of God and the Mission of the Church
The following are notes taken during the session. Introduction Main Question: What is the mission of the church? What does God expect your church to go into the world to do? Both terms are crucial. Mission refers to something or&
The Church and Missions by Allan Harman - Ligonier Ministries
Two important ideas lie behind the New Testament's teaching on missions. The first can be seen in the songs recorded in Luke 1. Mary and Zechariah sing about the ...
Unless God Moves, This Will Be a Lost Generation
Were committed to preaching the truth as revealed in the Bible, and we proclaim the Gospel that changes hearts and saves souls for eternity.
Taking a stand on critical issues
The Daily Pulse (Thursday, June 13, 2013): He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christwith all boldness and without hindrance! A...
Acts 28:31 The Last Words Written About You
Acts 28: 31 How Will Others Remember You -
Fuzzy Christian Math: Being "Christ-like"
Non believers and believers alike are quick to tell you that you need to be "Christ-like." I AGREE, Christian = Christ-like. However, for some reason, they o...

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