Acts 16:31 ESV

And they said, Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.

Joy Recovered
How do you become a Christian? How does the ransom Jesus paid become a ransom for me?
What Must I Believe to Be Saved?
Our sin, Gods holiness, and Jesuss cross are the core truths around which saving faith is formed.
The Only Remedy
26 Mar 2000 ... Our Daily Bread Daily Devotions What does it mean to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ"? (Acts 16:31). Here's an illustration that may help to ...
The Quest for Joy
You were made for indestructible joy, but you wont find it in yourself or in anything this world has to offer.
What Man Does in the New Birth
Our believing does not cause new birth. The new birth causes our belief.
Are You Saved?
The Bible teaches that we all need to be saved. Heres what that means, and how you can be sure you are saved.
What God Requires, Christ Provides
What God expects regarding human law-keeping, Christ accomplishes by becoming our substitute.
Do you have to know the date and time when you became a Christian? |
It is definitely advisable to know when and where you trusted God as your Savior for personal testimony reasons. However, the main point of the gospel message is that we believe in Christ, not trust our works.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, Acts 16:31
What must I do to be saved? Bob Wilkin looks at Paul's response to one of his jailers.
Acts 16:31, Believe and You'll Be Saved?
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