Proverbs 19:11 ESV

Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

The Joy of Overlooking an Offense
God leaves his people in a world full of annoyances so that they might respond differently and show they have a happiness that soars above the petty.
A Tender Heart and a Tough Hide
In yesterdays devotional, I wrote that we need to look at the pain behind the behavior of people who need extra grace. We learned that hurt people hurt people. We cant stop there, though. We & Continue reading A Tender Heart and a Tough Hide
Forgiving the Wounds of a Friend
You have been hurt by a friend, or will be soon enough. Here are five ways to pray before you talk to the one who wounded you.
More Thoughts on Friends Who Fail You
Last Sundays message struck a chord with many when I spoke of Christian friends letting you down. I argued that sometimes they forsake you never to return  like Demas. He loved the present world, and so abandoned the great&
The Forgotten Beatitude: Part II
“Blessed is the person who is not offended by me.” ~Matthew 11:6 In Part I, I listed three reasons why Christians become offended by God and how to avoid them. In this post, I want to address being
Six Keys To Peace In A Relationship
If you are WISE and understand God's ways, you'll live a life of steady goodness so that only ..... Our purpose is to please God, not people. .... Proverbs 16:7 ...
Ministry Offense: Ignore or Report
When an offense comes in your life, you have a choice to either click ignore or report.
"The deception that lead to man's downfall" August 5, 2018 featuring Dave Phillips
Genesis 3 tells us a great deal about mankind and the way man operates. Rather than turning to God in repentance and confession, man tries to hide from God a...
Refuse To Be Offended
Determine today to not be offended, and to keep offense out of your life! Have a great week! Study it out: Proverbs 4:23 NKJV - Psalm 119:165 AMPC - Proverbs...
Altaring Our Need to Be Offended - 4/24/2016
Sunday April 24, 2016 Watch the Video and more here: This Sunday we continue with our se...
2018-03-11 Reconciliation (Luke 10, John 4, Acts 8) --Joe Irving
In wisdom and love God does not leave his people to live this life alone, but rather calls us into community. One of the sad inevitabilities of living in com...
Offenses Will Come | Luke 17:1
It is inevitable, offenses will come. We will be offended by what someone says or does and Jesus encourages us to respond with forgiveness. Scripture referen...

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