Leviticus 20:13 ESV

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

Does the Bible require the death penalty for homosexuality?
Does the Bible require the death penalty for homosexuality? Does the Bible really teach that homosexuals are to be put to death?
What does the New Testament say about homosexuality?
What does the New Testament say about homosexuality? On the subject of homosexuality, does the New Testament agree with the Old Testament?
The family is under attack today like never before. The Bible provides solid answers and Gods design for family, parenting, and marriage.
What does the Bible say about homosexuality? | CARM.org
The Bible labels homosexuality as a sin. It is not an orientation. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament condemn homosexuality.
What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?
From a biblical standpoint, the rise of homosexuality is a sign that a society is in the last stages of decay.
God created me as a homosexual. Therefore, it is okay. | CARM.org
God does not create people as homosexuals and then condemn them for it. Adam and Eve sinned, and their sin nature was passed to their children.
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5 Oct 2016 ... Many Christians are turning to the myth of pro-gay theology, the belief that ... The same is true with the almost identical verse in Leviticus 20:13, ...
Homosexuality: Roots and Ramifications
Gordon Robertson takes a look at ancient Greek culture and the letters of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians to provide a more complete understanding of the roots and ramifications of homosexuality. He also looks at medical research to pinpoint some of the physical consequences ...
Unclobbering Leviticus: It's a Bad Idea to Call Homosexuality an Abomination.
UNCLOBBER IS NOW A BOOK! If you enjoy these videos then you'll love the book. "UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality" expands on the...

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