Isaiah 54:1 ESV

Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her who is married, says the LORD.

Hope in Barrenness - Daily Devotional from Truth For Life
649. Songs for Desolate Hearts
Sing, oh barren, you who did not bear; break out into singing, and cry aloud, you who did not ... Isaiah 54:1 ) .... The poor Church was barren.
20. Future Blessings for the People of God (Isaiah 54:1-17)
The nation of people, addressed as Jerusalem by metonymy (subject or adjunct ), is compared to a barren woman (by implied comparison, ...
The Time of Rain and Snow | Isaiah 54-58
Isaiah 54 | Lumina
Single in Christ: A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters
Which is why the next chapter (Isaiah 54) begins, 'Sing, O barren one, ... than the children of her who is married,' says the Lord (Isaiah 54:1).
The Undeserved Assurance of God's Unfailing Love

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