Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

You Do Not Have Much Time
Time is something given to us that we often dont fully appreciate until we dont have much left. But the wise will ask God how to use it.
Ecclesiastes: The Inspired Book of Error
Solomon was in an unusual position to undertake the investigations reflected in this book. Judah and Israel were at peace during his forty year reign, he had all the wealth he needed and he was known at the smartest man in the world. He set himself to discover what life is all ab...
Every Season of Life Has a Purpose
Life is full of contrasts. We go through mountains, and we go through valleys. We go through successes, and we go through failures. We have wins, and we have losses. In weather, there are four & Continue reading Every Season of Life Has a Purpose
Ecclesiastes: Finding Joy Amidst Lifes Enigmas
The Preacher of Ecclesiastes highlights the importance of profound, God-conscious joy and offers a method for sustaining such great joy in the midst of lifes enigmas.
Counseling with Suffering People
This article grows out of an earlier article on preaching, transposing it into a different key. It complements the chapter Preaching to Suffering People in the book Feed My Sheep (pages 241268) by presenting the same biblical ideas on the context of counseling ministry rather ...
What does it mean that there is a proper time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:18)?
What does it mean that there is a proper time for everything? Is the meaning of Ecclesiastes 3:18 when it says there is a time for everything?
Slow Your Roll: The Spiritual Discipline of Slowing Down
Series: ALL IN Message: Slow Your Roll: The Spiritual Discipline of Slowing Down Scripture: Jeremiah 2:25 MSG (The Message Bible) Have we become too busy for...
Growing In Closeness In All Things - Daily Prophetic Word
There are obstacles in the path before you this day, but it is my desire and my plan to advance you beyond all things blocking you. This advance will be wort...

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