2 Timothy 2:14 ESV

Remind them of these things, and charge them before God not to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers.

Timothy: The Pastor's Primer
This first letter has to do with the ministry of the church itself -- its character and its nature, its function in the world. The second letter centers around the message that it has to convey -- the great theme is the gospel, and Timothy's relationship to that gospel.
He Cannot Deny Himself
Were not called to run from suffering in the toils of ministry. Were called to embrace suffering with confidence in Christ for the sake of his gospel.
Be Diligent -- 2 Timothy 2:14-16
Paul reminds us that while some subjects are to be avoided, not worth arguing, others are critical. The Word of truth must be divided the right way.
Rightly Dividing Of The Dispensations 2 Timothy 2:15
Pastor Jim Devney is becoming one of the best "Rightly Dividing" preachers in the country. Please download this message and share it with other people who wa...

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