Proverbs 27:23 ESV

Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds,

What is the Christian position on animal rights? |
The Bible never tells us that animals have rights. Animals don't have rights in the same way humans do. Still, we are to treat the animals properly and responsibly.
Caring for Gods CreaturesGreat and Small
Karen Swallow Prior writes for Reject Apathy about an often overlooked aspect of creation care: caring for animals.
Escaping Materialism
I'm going to ask you to return to the 16th chapter of Luke and last week we looked at the opening 13 verses under the subject, Thinking Wisely about Money. We actually worked our way down through ...
Biblical Principles for Handling Money, Part 1
The hottest issue in the elections is not morality and its not family values. As I told you in a recent national survey, five percent of Americans said the main issue is moral, sixty percent of them...
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