James 1:20 ESV

For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

How Can We Be Angry and Not Sin?
There is a kind of anger that comes from our regenerate, Spirit-directed nature, even if it is unavoidably tainted by our indwelling sin.
James 1:20 | Bible Exposition Commentary
8 Aug 2000 ... Objective anger is the kind of anger God has toward injustice. It is right for us to be angry at the exploitation of others but if we allow subjective ...
How to Kill Sinful Anger
All sinful anger is hard to fight. Its a selfish, hot-blooded passion our flesh enjoys indulging. But I find it particularly difficult to fight the sinful anger that I feel I have a right to feel.
Does God get angry?
Does God get angry? If anger is a sin, how can God get angry? If God is love, how can He get angry?
Bible verses to help you control your anger
What does the Bible say about anger?
What does the Bible say about anger? What is the difference between anger and righteous indignation?
5 emotional states that could be a sign of a spiritual attack
To help us recognize a spiritual attack, here are a few emotional states that give us clues or hints that we are already under one.
Righteous Anger on Display
We should aspire to be angry about the same things as God.
What Righteous Anger Looks Like
If you havent noticed, America is angry. A critical mass of citizens are clamoring in pain and hurling accusations and jeering at their opponents, and holding grudges and threatening one
James 1:20-21 Anger - Manage or Get Rid Of ?
James 1:20-25
www.CAMPUSchurch.tv For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with...
Rev. Thomas Rodgerson - Anger (James 1:20)
Thomas E. Rodgerson is a pastoral counselor with treatment and research interests in working with clergy and clergy burnout, sexual compulsivity, multi-faith...
Wrath and the Seven Deadly Sin Warning Signs in Modern Societ
A closer look at Wrath one of The Seven Deadly Sins. Examples of how itīs many forms such as temper, rage, fury, violence and anger manifests itself in moder...

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